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Criminalita Negroni Recipe from Spiaggia's Barman Derek Mercer

Posted Apr 09, 2015

Negroni Recipe Cocktail Spiaggia Chicago

Shortly after the invention of the Negroni, some intrepid bartender switched out the cocktail's gin for a pour of whiskey, giving birth to the Boulevardier.  Nearly a century later, Derek Mercer, Barman at Chicago's famed restaurant Spiaggia, ventured to use some of his favorite ingredients to create the next evolution of the cocktail, the Criminalita Negroni.

This easy recipe makes a complex cocktail that serves as a perfect apertif or nightcap. 


2 oz Redemption Rye
1 oz Punt e Mes
1 oz Campari
1 bar spoon of Contratto Fernet
2 dashes of Peychauds bitters
1 slice of orange peel


Combine all ingredients except the peel in a mixing glass. Add ice, stir to combine, and strain into a coupe. Pinch the peel over the glass to release the orange's natural oils. Garnish with the peel and serve.


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