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A Landmark Weekend in L.A


No doubt, the STAPLES Center is one of the busiest venues in the country with two NBA teams, a professional hockey team and a constant stream of concerts and special events. But this weekend makes a first for the arena with SIX playoff games in just FOUR days! With post season playoff success for all three teams, STAPLES is the place to be this weekend!

Levy Fun Facts:

  • 120,000 fans total are expected over the 6 games
  • It will take 90 team members 90 minutes to tidy and refresh 150 suites with fresh food and beverages between games.
  • An estimated 21,600 Hot Dogs and 6,000 bags of peanuts will be served
  • 2250 Caramel Apples will top dessert carts and premium stands
  • 1 Ton of glass bottles will be recycled
  • 500 pounds of plastic bottles will be recycled

Dig in to The 138th Kentucky Derby!


What a beautiful day at the races! Today is Kentucky Oaks Day and Churchill Downs is buzzing with Derby excitement. Folks everywhere from the Turf Club to the Paddock are dressed to the nines (and sometimes 11's!) and enjoying the beautiful weather (wait, just felt a little rain!) No worries, the food and drinks are DELICIOUS:)

The Oaks Lily

Chef Jo-Jo getting ready for Fox and Friends!

Derby finery!

The Sloppy Jane: It's tasty, it's homemade and it's vegan- what?!


The Sloppy Joe is a classic sandwich that kids of all ages love to enjoy. Known for it's savory beefy goodness, the Sloppy Joe is not for everyone. "What about vegetarians and vegans" you say? This season we introduced the Sloppy Jane, Joe's fresh and healthy sister. Made with tempeh, fresh tomatoes, peppers, onions, savory spices and a touch of molasses, this new sammy will tempt even the most devout carnivore.


Levy Cares...About the Earth!


This Sunday is Earth Day, a great time to evaluate your impact on the environment and take steps to protect the world around us. Through our Levy Cares program, we find all kinds of ways to work with our partners to reduce waste, conserve resources and support local farmers and artisans. Earth Day is a great day to celebrate and raise awareness, but every day is a great day to take care of the precious planet we share!

The Results are In- MLB Season Openers Tasted Great All Over the Country!


So good, Darren Rovell had to Tweet about it! Chase Field fans enjoyed the new Short Rib Dog topped with topped with cheddar cheese and crispy onions on opening day.

Dodger Dogs are the classic choice in L.A., but the Doyer Dog has become a fan favorite too topped with cheese, chili, onions, tomato and jalapeno pepers. Whoa!

Triple Play Pork Burger- Da Burger at U.S. Cellular. 'Nuff said

Great food and more! The seaon on the North side kicked off with the new Cubs Store across the street from the friendly confines.

New Marlins Park Opens! And foodies celebrate


This week MLB season kicked off with the grand opening of the new Marlins Park in Miami. The majestic new field boasts aquariums behind homeplate, a Red Grooms sculpture in the outfield and, most importantly, incredible FOOD!

Tangy Mahi Mahi Tacos!

Fresh Ceviche!

A Hearty Nacho Helmet!

Congratulations to the Marlins on an incredible Opening Day! Let's play ball!

VIBE Vista Operator Award 2012


Levy Restaurants is thrilled to receive the 2012 VIBE Vista Operator Award for excellence in responsible alcohol service training!

We created the "Family Serving Family Responsibly!" in partnership with the National Restaurant Association to develop a comprehensive ServSafe Alcohol training program that includes an "Alcohol Safety Coordinator" in each location, in-house trainers, and a customized internal website to support training.

The VIBE Vista Operator Award winners are selected by a panel of beverage professionals, including the VIBE Advisory Council members. The award for responsible beverage alcohol service highlights customized server training programs that emphasize ongoing reinforcement of training and a culture of responsible alcohol sales.

Happy St. Patrick's Day Weekend!


This weekend, folks around the country will celebrate St. Patrick's Day and, of course, no one does it quite like Boston. At the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, we will serve up the traditional South Boston St. Patrick's Day Breakfast in celebration of the St. Patty's Day Parade, the world's oldest recorded parade for the holiday, first held in 1737!

Here in Chicago, we mark the occasion with a technicolor river and lots of great food and drink! Jake Melnick's kick's off the day with their annual St. Patty's Day "Pre-Soak" starting with breakfast at 8 a.m. for folks getting ready to watch the parade. For front row seats to the traditional dyeing of the Chicago River (no it's not naturally that green!) revelers can get in the spirit at Fulton's on the River and enjoy Guiness topped Bloody Marys.

Las Vegas Motor Speedway Drives Great Taste to the Track!


In the food truck race, our team at LVMS leaves the competition in the dust. This firey wagon will serve up a true Taste of NASCAR this weekend in sunny Las Vegas. On the menu are some seriously sensational hot dogs loaded with taste-tempting toppings. There's the Kentucky Dog, topped with cheddar cheese sauce, bacon and chopped tomato, or the Charlotte Dog, heaped with barbequed pulled pork and red cole slaw. But we can't forget the trackside favorite, the Vegas Buffet Dog, served with smoked prime rib, caramelized onions, giardinere and creamy horseradish sauce. OMG!

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