Andrea Berg, Manager of Guest Relations

Andrea Berg

Ten years have flown by at Levy.

I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing people, and experience some great things. I think the opportunity I’m most proud of, however, is my involvement with our charitable partner, Ronald McDonald House. Over the last couple of years, I have been coordinating outings to the House so that our Home Office Family can serve the families at RMH hearty, delicious meals during a difficult time in their lives. We regularly have a crew of Home Office team members, along with groups from our fantastic locations, head to the House to dish up warm hospitality to the parents and children that are calling RMH home for a while. They are dealing with so many stresses and challenges, so the opportunity to serve them a warm meal and offer them a little bit of comfort, even if only for an hour, is incredibly rewarding. It really speaks to the heart of who we are, as a Company, and I’m incredibly honored to be a part of it.

One of my most memorable encounters at the house was with a family from Pakistan. There two year old daughter was being treated for a birth defect that prohibited her from living a normal life in their country. They were just beginning an 8 month stay at RMH. Their daughter was very shy, but came to join us in our craft corner that we set up. After a bit of a warm up period, the little girl sat with us for nearly two hours and crafted and laughed with us. Her mom was so grateful for an opportunity to let her daughter just be a child, with people that didn’t treat her like an outcast. It was so much fun. Later, during dinner, that shy little girl played Hide and Seek with me for a good ten minutes, and I can still hear her giggling.