Baseball Fans Talk Hot Dog Toppings

Celebrating National Hot Dog Month, Part 3

Did you know Wrigley Field has the second highest hot dog sales of any major league ballpark? Selling over 1.2 million hot dogs each season, fans travel to Chicago from across the world to experience a Cubs game with a Chicago style hot dog in hand at the Friendly Confines. The famous Chicago dog is topped with mustard and neon relish, then piled high with tomato wedges, sport peppers, diced onion, a dill pickle spear, and a sprinkle of celery salt.

To continue our celebration of National Hot Dog Month, we ventured to Wrigley Field to talk to fans about all things hot dogs – from toppings to favorite memories. Check out some fans’ favorite moments at Wrigley!

What toppings do you like on your hot dog?

“Mustard and onion, it was my dad’s favorite, so it became my favorite.” – Denise

“Ketchup and grilled onion, but I don’t want to make this too political so you can just write grilled onion.” – Julia

“Go big or go home, you’ve gotta get everything!” -Justin & Pamela

“As long as it’s from Wrigley, I’ll eat it.” – Jack

“I’m good with a plain dog and onion, but not grilled onion.” – Tammy

“I’m from Germany so I think I prefer different things. I like onions, mayonnaise, honey mustard, ketchup, and pickles on hot dogs.” – Hans

“Mustard and grilled onion.”- Lauren & Kaylee

“Relish, pickles, and mustard are a must!” – David

I just like ketchup, but don’t judge me though. Don’t judge me on the jersey either, I’m rooting for the Cubs and just wanted to represent Chicago.” – Rick

“I don’t really care, I just eat it.” – Ariana

“Hm, a lot of different ways. Ketchup and sauerkraut are always good.” – Will

What are your favorite hot dog and baseball memories?

“My brother’s and my first game was at 2 months old and 10 weeks old, I don’t think we could eat hot dogs then though…” – Gracelene

“This is our first game. I like plain or with ketchup.” – Samantha & Liland

“My first experience with hot dogs and baseball was actually two years ago when I moved to Chicago, I didn’t go to games much in San Diego. She’s visiting from New York [gestured to Jessica] so we had to go for the classic foot-long Chicago Dog.” – Chance and Jessica

“This is my new favorite memory! I just moved from New Hampshire, this is my first Cubs game.” – Mike

“I grew up going to Padres games, nothing goes together like hot dogs and baseball.” – Aimee

“Every season with the Cubs is the best. This is my third game so far, gotta get a hot dog every time though!” – Elizabeth

After chatting with fans, we found the most popular topping overall was mustard, with the most popular combination being mustard and onions. A close second was ketchup. But, no judgement here, Wrigley Field serves a whopping 3,789 gallons of ketchup each season. It’s a controversial topping in Chicago, but a very popular one overall when it comes to hot dogs.

Fans come from across the world to try a Chicago Dog, so make sure to grab one during your next trip to Wrigley Field!