Levy Restaurants

Golden State Warriors


As the Warriors soared to unprecedented heights during the 2015-16 season, fans were eager to snag as much team gear as they could. In need of improved functionality and design, Levy partnered with the team to build and operate a responsive e-commerce platform to give fans a streamlined, seamless retail experience that offered up online ordering and in-game delivery with ease.

How We Did It

  • Partnering with Network Applications, we developed a responsive, customized web experience that brought the Warriors essence to life in an e-commerce environment
  • Levy operated the fulfillment of orders, including offering pre-game ordering, allowing fans to receive their new gear upon arrival at the game
  • As operators of the site, we shared exclusive discounts and gear arrival notices directly to fans in real time

The End Result

  • Fans were able to access the latest Warriors gear when and where they wanted
  • The on-demand nature of the in-game ordering boosted sales and helped capture fans who were previously reluctant to miss some of the game while shopping at the store
  • The site design acted as a template for future e-commerce programs with other partners

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