I shared a note in the earliest moments of our current human crisis that expressed my profound heartache and concern for the unrest that was evident in the moment and for the safety of each one of you. Like you, I have been both struggling and reflecting deeply since those events with an intense anguish for the unspeakable deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and too many others. I am certainly not an expert in the history of the engrained racial inequality and social injustice in our country, but I know that from voices on our streets, in our communities and from within our own Levy family, we need to find our way. We need to learn how to respect, how to better honor and lift each other up, together.

We have long believed in our value of Inclusion and being genuinely open and welcoming at heart. Throughout our Company’s history we have worked hard to improve our efforts to be more diverse, inclusive and create an environment where we all belong, can be our best selves, and where any kind of inequality is simply not tolerated. Yet, like everyone, we need to be, and do, markedly better.

I am asking that all of us participate in further helping us shape simple and complex actions, not words, that will make us a part of the solution. Many of you have reached out directly to me and other leaders to share your thoughts, and I want that to continue. The words are not easy to come by, for any of us, but my commitment is that those words will be heard and that they will shape what our positive impact can be

I know that there is new level of uncertainty that is real for all of us, and that it will take courage and commitment from all of us. My promise is that we will work together to make meaningful and needed change.

Andrew J. Lansing, President and Chief Executive Officer