Levy Celebrates Inclusion Week

This week, April 9-13, 2018, the Levy Diversity & Inclusion Action Council (DIAC) hosted Inclusion Week, a week dedicated to celebrating inclusive work environments. Recently recognized as #3 on America’s Best Employers for Diversity by Forbes, Levy is dedicated to continuing to grow our diverse and inclusive culture, and Inclusion Week is an incredible opportunity to actively talk about how we can continue that growth.

With such a broad network of locations, Inclusion Week was also unifying for Levy teams across the U.S., helping all of our team members celebrate and discuss inclusion and diversity at the same time. “Inclusion Week is a time for us to put our stake in the ground,” said members of the Levy DIAC Committee. “We’re focused on growing our diverse and inclusive workplace; this is an ongoing process and Inclusion Week is a great time to have active conversations that are necessary, encouraging, and empowering.”

The theme of Inclusion Week this year was “WE Ignite Inclusion” and each day had a different activity theme: We Encourage, We Celebrate, We Connect, We Empower, and We are Levy. Every Levy team customized and personalized these themes for their location through various activities. No matter how big or small the activity, every Levy team created events that helped spark conversations, opening up dialogues about diversity and inclusion, and actively contributing ideas to how we can all work together to make sure everyone feels their work environment is a welcoming, empowering, and encouraging space.

Throughout the week, Levy team members felt more connected with one another; learning where their fellow team members came from originally, recognizing and showing their appreciation to each other, and understanding everyone’s unique contributions helped empower all of our team members to truly ignite Inclusion Week and further develop our inclusive Levy culture.