Loyalty Card FAQs

Have a specific question about our Loyalty Card Program? Review the information below.

Where can I enroll in the Levy Restaurants loyalty program?

  • Enroll online by simply filling out the online Registration Form and you’ll receive a confirmation email that will contain your temporary card number. Give your temporary card number to your server on your next visit and you’ll receive a physical loyalty card in its place.
  • Enroll during your next visit to any of our participating locations by letting your server know you’d like to join our program. You’ll receive your loyalty card upon signing up and then register it online.

Why do I need to register my loyalty card?
Registering your card allows you to receive access to your loyalty account online at any time to:

  • View your transactions, points and rewards
  • Convert points to rewards from within your account
  • Receive communication from your favorite restaurants
  • Receive exclusive offers just for you including a special reward for your birthday

I received a loyalty card from my server, how do I register it?
You may register your new loyalty card online. Simply fill out your profile information and follow the instructions on the verification email to complete your registration.

How do I access my loyalty account?
You can access your account online 24/7 with the username and password you created.

I can’t remember my username or password, what do I do?
Access the Forgotten Password Page and enter either your username or loyalty card number and you’ll be prompted to answer a security question to access your account. If don’t have your card number or can’t answer the security question please email preferred@levyrestaurants.com for further assistance.

I enrolled online, where can I get a physical loyalty card?
You can get a physical loyalty card on your next visit to any of our participating locations. Just give your server the temporary card number you received via your confirmation email and they will transfer all account information on to a physical loyalty card for you.

Where can I use my loyalty card?
You’re loyalty card is accepted at all participating Levy Restaurants locations. To find the current list of participating locations please visit: www.levyrestaurants.com/loyalty-cards

I lost my loyalty card, how do I get a new one?
You can get a replacement card on your next visit to any of our participating locations. Just let your server know you’re a loyalty member but need a replacement card. Give your server your current card number and they’ll be able to transfer your account information to your new card. You can find your current card number within your online account.

How do I earn points?
You earn one point per dollar spent on food, beverage and tax at participating locations. Simply give your server your loyalty card and they’ll add the appropriate points to your account. Points are not earned for gratuity.

For private events, you earn on point per dollar for the cost of food and beverage at your event. Points are not awarded for set-up fees or tax on private events.

Can I get points for the purchase of a gift card?
Loyalty points are not earned for the purchase of a gift card. However, you are able to earn points when you use a gift card to pay for your check.

What is Gold Status?
Members who earn more than 2000 points within the calendar year will be promoted to Gold Status and begin to earn 1.25 points per dollar spent on a la carte dining. Members will continue to earn one point per dollar on private events regardless of Gold Status.

How do I use my points?
To use your points you must convert them to rewards from within your online account on the “Reward Yourself” page and enter the quantity of each reward you’d like to redeem.

What rewards are available to me?
Reward availability is determined by the number of current points you have. For the current list of rewards and their point cost please visit: www.levyrestaurants.com/loyalty-cards. A 25.00 reward is also given to members for their birthday to be used within the month of their birthday.

How do I get my birthday reward?
If your card is registered you’ll automatically receive a 25.00 reward loaded on your loyalty card for use the month of your birthday. To use the reward simply give your server your loyalty card and let them know you’d like to use the 25.00 birthday reward on your card.

How do I convert my points to rewards?
Any available current points can be converted to rewards from within your online loyalty account. Simply click “Reward Yourself” on the left hand menu and enter the quantity of each reward you’d like to redeem.

I’ve loaded a $25 reward on my loyalty card, how do I use it?
To use any reward dollars available just let your server know you have reward dollars you’d like to use when you present your loyalty card. Your server will be able to apply any reward dollars available towards your check and any reward dollars not used will remain on your loyalty card for future use.

I’ve redeemed a reward other than the $25 reward, now what?
If you’ve redeemed any reward other than the $25 reward loaded on your card or sent to you on a gift card you will be contacted within 1-2 business days to notify you of receipt of the redemption and coordinate any necessary planning for your reward.

I forgot my card on my last visit to a Levy Restaurants location, how can I get my points?
You can submit a copy of your receipt via fax or email to receive points for the visit you missed.

  • Fax: 312.664.6921 Attn: Levy Loyalty Program
  • Email: preferred@levyrestaurants.com

I have a question about my account, who do I contact?
Contact preferred@levyrestaurants.com for all other loyalty program inquiries.