National Sandwich Day

In celebration of National Sandwich Day, we asked Levy Executive Chef John Sedlak at Charlotte Motor Speedway to tell us about his go-to, killer sandwich recipe after a long day at the Speedway–and he didn’t disappoint!

“This sandwich is something that I make often, though the meat and overall effort vary depending on the leftovers I have and how brutal the previous race day was. Typically I make this sandwich on Sunday mornings, well around 11, so let’s call it brunch. Unless there’s a Sunday race, and then I’ll make it Monday night for dinner.

Personally, I think this sandwich is the perfect combination of one of my favorite breakfast foods – the breakfast sandwich, with one of my favorite cuts of meat, brisket! It was also inspired by my love of Brisket Hash – that delicious combination of slow-cooked, tender beef, caramelized onions, and potatoes that are crowned with a couple of over-easy eggs.

I’ve taken the essence of Brisket Hash and piled it between two pieces of buttered sourdough. Yes, buttered, because who wants dry bread? After buttering the sourdough, I slice the brisket about ¼” thick, searing it until crisp. Then I use some of the fat from the initial cooking of the brisket, along with butter, and fry some shredded potatoes (store bought – it’s allowed!) until they’re really crisp. I stack the crispy potatoes on top of the brisket. Now for the controversial part, I use American cheese. I know, I know, American cheese is only acceptable for a few preparations, one of which is my sandwich. I then top everything with two butter-fried, over-easy eggs. For the final touches, I would be remiss if I didn’t give it a measured schmear of ketchup and a healthy shot of Sriracha.

It’s a pretty hearty sandwich. Plus, after a week of long hours, missed meals, and bouts of grazing the kitchen for leftover chicken tenders, it’s the perfect sandwich to make me feel like I’ve had a complete meal again.”