Shake, Stir, and Pour: Dry January Edition

A new year calls for a fresh start! Now more than ever people have decided to ditch the booze and spend “Dry January” recharging and detoxing from an indulgent holiday season. Those partaking don’t have to miss out on excellent beverage programs while dining out because zero-proof doesn’t mean zero flavor.

River Roast has taken zero-proof cocktails to the next level. Over the last few years they have taken this monthly trend and made it a staple by adding a permanent Temperance section to their menu. River Roast’s Beverage Director, Missy Kalbrenner decided to build onto the permanent Temperance menu with additional cocktails that are only available during Dry January. She explains where to begin building your beverage, stating “any tea gives a nice base because it has a lot of tannins and gives great depth of flavor.” And don’t forget the garnish, fresh herbs always make for a lovely addition in flavor and appearance to your drink.

One such zero-proof, but packed with flavor, cocktail that River Roast is featuring this month is the Thyme After Thyme. We’ve included the recipe below so you can craft your own!

Although plenty of people are going alcohol-free for the month, there are still a handful who are not partaking in Dry January. Missy shares that you can proof this cocktail with Los Javis Joven Mezcal. Whether you enjoy this cocktail with or without alcohol, it pairs extremely well with the Roast of the Month, which is a Beef Shank Pot Roast with onions, peppers, chorizo, green olives, pickled fresno chiles, cilantro, and a saffron broth.

Be sure to check out the full Dry January menu this month and visit for more information!

Thyme After Thyme

2oz Black Tea
0.75oz Hibiscus Simple Syrup
0.75oz Fresh Lemon Juice
2 Sprigs of Fresh Thyme

  1. Add and shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker
  2. Strain into coupe glass.
  3. Garnish with more fresh thyme.