Tony Suarez, Director of Human Resources

Number of years with Levy: 2
Favorite Levy memory: Being a part of the 2013 NBA championship.

Being in the championship finals brings out the best environment, the most passionate fans. The city is full of energy and we get to do what we do best when it comes to food and service.

My experience regarding the culture at Levy is best described as “entertainment brought to life”. There is something special about the experience one has when there is an event or game taking place. There’s a slight calm as you approach the arena, hours before the actual event, but then you get to see the buildup, the team members, the preparation.

The best way to describe this feeling and observation is that of an orchestra before they perform. Everyone has a role, a position, and an individual contribution that impacts the event. And when it comes together, you get to see memorable moments come to life.

The culture of sports and entertainment blends universal passions—people’s love for food, entertainment, sports—with an environment that is challenging, fast-paced, but never boring. I have learned that this is not for everyone, and rightfully so.

It takes love, passion, and energy to do this consistently, but you are rewarded with the most exciting workplace, surrounded by many who share the same values and passion.